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Dumb Ways to Die safety campaign comes to Denver

RTD has a great safety record and we want to keep it that way. Most people are smart and safe around buses and trains. But some people forget that buses and trains are big and fast and can't stop quickly.

There are a million dumb ways to die, don't let it be around buses and trains. That's the message from RTD's "Dumb Ways to Die" safety campaign that began in January 2016.

A key component of the campaign is the "Dumbs Ways to Die" three-minute long animated music video featuring 21 cartoon characters who deliver important safety messages in an unusual manner. They're funny, but their message is serious.

In the video, animated characters are shown making dangerous choices, like petting a rattlesnake, with tragic results, including the final characters exhibiting unsafe behaviors around trains.

RTD partnered with Metro Trains Melbourne in Australia, where the Dumb Ways to Die video has already proven to be a success, resulting in more than 75 million pledges worldwide from people committed to being safe around trains.

Take pledge: Be safe around buses and trains

Additionally, the Dumb Ways to Die video currently has nearly 119 million views on YouTube.

How Dumb Ways to Die came to Colorado

In 2012, Melbourne, Australia's Metro Trains launched Dumb Ways to Die, a creative safety awareness campaign. The campaign pairs cute colorful cartoons with humorous and ridiculous death scenarios-ultimately highlighting acts of stupidity around trains. The end goal is to use humor to have a serious conversation about safety. The campaign brought global attention to the topic of train safety through song, video, and game.

Now for the first time in the United States, RTD is bringing Dumb Ways to you. We don't mean to offend, but simply to educate, entertain, and create conversation about public safety around buses and trains.

The Dumb Ways to Die campaign is a reminder to be safe every day. Don't do dumb things like stick your fork in a toaster or sell both your kidneys on the Internet. We also want you to be safe around buses and trains.

Dumb Ways to Die - Be safe around buses and trains
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