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G Line windscreens - Dardinelle Troen

G Line Windscreen Art

Title of artwork: Atomic number 79

Artist Dardinelle Troen created the artwork for the windscreen panels for the seven new commuter rail stations along the Gold "G" Line.

There is a single theme for windscreens along the entire line: Gold! But each station has a set of artwork that creatively depicts a different story, a different aspect of gold.

The artwork consists of laminated glass of different colors with sandblasted and in-filled graphics mounted into an aluminum laser-cut frame surround.

Artist Dardinelle Troen
Artist Dardinelle Troen
Dardinelle Troen is principal and creative director at Ditro├źn Inc. based in Portland, Oregon.

"We are a small studio of designer/artists that for the
last 12 years has specialized in creating, timeless, storied spaces; the focus of our work strives for site-specific installations that actively engaging the viewer and invite participation," her website said.

"Contextual Storytelling is at the heart of what we do; this is story inspired by its distinct atmosphere-this includes the outward and often hidden influences people and time have had in shaping the physical environment where a project ultimately unfolds. To imbue a thoroughly connective story, we dig deep to uncover the DNA that threads a specific place creating an aggregate of story "lenses" to develop a focal point that informs the work."

Visitors to the seven train stations along the G Line will see that approach play out in the windscreen artwork.

G Line Windscreen Art
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