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40th and Colorado Station - Erik Carlson

40th and Colorado station art day version
Art at 40th•Colorado Station

Title of Art: HANDS ON

Artist Erik Carlson has made sure the artwork on this train station represents the hard work the people do and the industrial nature of the area where it's located. A Line passengers will see tools of various trades depicted in creative ways.

Artist Erik Carlson
Artist Erik Carlson
"HANDS ON" is a public art installation that examines the
neighborhoods around the new 40th•Colorado FasTracks Rail
Station, celebrating this area as a place where people work and live and, most importantly, make and create," Erik's website says.

Erik Carlson is a composer, media artist and architect based in Providence, RI. He is the primary writer for AREA C, playing guitar, farfisa, sampler,
recorder, etc. He also creates public artworks and installations, and
works as an architectural designer. He spent 6 years as an associate
with the award-winning firm SINGLE speed DESIGN, based in Cambridge, MA.

40th Colorado art, night view
Rendering of 40th•Colorado Station art at night

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