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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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What's New?

Free MetroRide now in Service

Buses began carrying passengers on May 12, 2014 up and down 18th and 19th streets between Denver Union Station and Civic Center Plaza. The service runs at peak hours Monday through Friday. That's 6 - 9 a.m. and 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. See more information here.

Time lapse video: Canopy installation

This time lapse shoot of the Free MetroRide canopy installation took place over two days at two of the Free MetroRide stops: 18th and California and 18th and Lawrence streets.

The Free MetroRide will began service in May 2014 along 18th and 19th streets. It's free, fast, safe and reliable service that makes only six stops between Union Station and Civic Center stations during peak hours.

Buses and bus stops take shape

We have new pictures of RTD's special Free MetroRide bus to share. The buses are being assembled in Minnesota and at least one of them is to the point where its getting finishing touches before it makes its trip to Denver.

Canopies at the bus stops are also being built along the Free MetroRide Route.

The photo gallery below has shots of a bus at the plant in St. Cloud as well as the first bus stop canopy going up. The photos are from E. 17th Avenue and Lincoln Street in downtown Denver.


Free MetroRide progress made on multiple fronts

Free MetroRide bus stop marker and a bus under construction at New FlyerA partially completed Free MetroRide bus stop marker, left, and a partially completed Free MetroRide bus

RTD's Free MetroRide will be equipped with uniquely branded stop markers, like those on the 16th Street Free MallRide that include maps in the center.

The Free MetroRide also features specially marked 60-foot long articulated buses, which are being built right now by New Flyer at its St. Cloud, Minn. facility.

Construction is continuing along 18th Street with the installation of bus bulbs and the project is scheduled to wrap up and open for service this spring. Free MetroRide will run along 18th and 19th streets from Union Station to Civic Center.

Construction starts on Free MetroRide

RTD's Free MetroRide project officially broke ground Nov. 12, 2013 at 17th Avenue and Lincoln Street. The work consists of pouring concrete bus pads, installing extended sidewalks called bus bulbs (in four locations along 18th Street) and erecting bus markers similar to those for the 16th Street MallRide and canopies.

Work begins on Free MetroRide at 17th Avenue and Lincoln Street in Denver. Nov. 12, 2013
Work began on the Free MetroRide Nov. 12, 2013

Construction is scheduled to be complete and the service is planning to open in the spring.

This free bus service will run from Union Station's underground bus concourse to above ground at Civic Center Station by way of 18th and 19th Streets.

For more information on the Free MetroRide and to see a map of the service, follow this link.

Free MallRide will have a new partner: Free MetroRide

Rendering of the Free MetroRide

RTD has named and branded another free bus service. The new service will debut next spring, traveling from Union Station to Civic Center Station along 18th and 19th streets. The service is being implemented as part of RTD's FasTracks transit expansion program.
The Free MetroRide, which RTD called the Downtown Denver Circulator during the planning stage, will be a convenient alternative to the Free MallRide on 16th Street with fewer stops resulting in faster travel times. The service is scheduled to commence in spring 2014 and will stop every two to three blocks. This reliable new service will operate only during peak hours (6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.), running every five minutes.

Uniquely branded for easy identification, the service will operate with 60-foot articulated buses that have low floors and three doors to allow for quick loading and unloading. Enhanced bus stops will make the service distinguishable from other RTD transit offerings in downtown Denver.

Free MetroRide to be no-fare service

The new high-frequency circulator bus that will complement the 16th Street Mall Shuttle in Downtown Denver will be a no-fare service for passengers.

The RTD Board of Directors passed a plan May 28, 2013 to provide no-fare service on the new bus route, which will ferry people from Denver Union Station to the Civic Center area along 19th and 18th streets.

The new shuttle service is scheduled to open in 2014.

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